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Smart Home Security Equipment To Consider In 2020

2020 has been an interesting year thus far, to say the least. With everything going on in the world and amid all the uncertainty, you may find yourself searching for ways to better protect your home and family in Greenwood, MS. You may also be...Read More

Some Of The Benefits Associated With Surveillance Cameras In The Workplace

Surveillance cameras can be useful tools in a workplace setting. Before installing the units, owners should draft clearly defined monitoring policies, which adhere to local Greenwood laws. It needs to be included in the organization's employee...Read More

Security For Safer Community Parks

City and community parks in Greenwood, MS are places where families can gather and spend quality time with one another. This is where friends will join up after school, where mothers will take their little ones during the day, and where people of...Read More

Can Surveillance Equipment Stop Crimes

Obviously, if somebody in Greenwood wishes to do something, they will find a way to get it done. For example, if a group of individuals decides to commit a home invasion, items like cameras, alarms, and motion-activated lighting are probably not...Read More

Security Measures That All Schools Should Be Taking

Campus security has become a hot topic over the last decade or so. One reason why is because of the many school shootings that have taken place. According to an article published on, at least 177 schools have experienced a shooting in the...Read More

Security Features Are Essential For Clinics

Clinics need security systems just as much as other businesses. In fact, their security needs to be better than other companies thanks to the unique challenges they face and the equipment they use. Depending on where your clinic is in Greenwood, MS...Read More

Methods For Increasing School Security In Todays Scary World

School shootings have taken center stage as of late. It seems as if a person can't turn on the news these days without hearing about another event happening. A report published on the CNN website states that in the first 46 weeks of 2019, there were...Read More

How to Choose a Security Company

Hiring the right security company is an important step in protecting your home or business from security and safety threats, such as fires and intrusion. However, there are a number of security companies in Greenwood, MS. How do you know which one...Read More

The Types of Security Systems for Your Home or Business

Whether we like it or not, we now live in a world where criminal activities have become more prevalent. Every day, when you look at your social media feeds and watch the TV, you will see posts and news about crimes committed on the streets, business...Read More

What Do You Know About US Burglary Statistics

If your home has never been the target of a burglary, you can consider yourself lucky. Millions of homes are broken into each year, including those in the Greenwood, MS area. All too often, residents and business owners of Greenwood, MS don’t...Read More

Deterrence Is The Best Part Of Security Systems

If you have a home or business here in Greenwood, MS, one thing you may be concerned about is security. After all, if theft occurs at your home or your place of business, this has dire consequences for you, your family, or your employees, especially...Read More

What Makes A Security System Smart?

A smart home can be a few different things depending on how you set it up.  At its heart, a smart home can connect otherwise unconnected appliances and devices, and this makes it easier to control music, TV, the temperature, the oven, and so on...Read More

Busting Myths About One Size Fits All Security Solutions

Security. It’s incredibly important for every business in the Greenwood area. And over the last few years, there has been an increase in the availability and popularity of one size fits all security solutions.  These solutions make big...Read More

A Closer Look At The Types Of Private Security

Whether it’s a Greenwood home or a business, knowing that your property is protected is important. Not only does it keep you and your belongings safe, but it gives you tremendous peace of mind as well.  For those who want to maximize...Read More

Three Reasons You Need A Security Camera For Your Swimming Pool

Pools are a wonderful feature for any home or community. They provide a place where people can gather and have fun. Sadly though, pools also provide several risks and dangers to guests and are very susceptible to criminal activity and vandalism....Read More

Why Choose Remote Monitoring For Security Cameras?

Security cameras have come a long way in the past few years.  New cameras can be completely wireless, provide HD footage or better, switch to other visibility modes like low-light and infrared, and swivel around by remote control.  New...Read More

Think About Installing A Security System For These Reasons

Regardless of who you are or where you live, a security system is almost a necessity these days. Even so, at times, owning the equipment can seem like a burden. The owner has to worry about arming/ disarming the unit, paying a monthly fee, and false...Read More

What Do You Know About Commercial Surveillance Systems?

There won’t always be people present at your Greenwood, MS commercial property, and this can leave property and business owners feeling vulnerable about these “empty” times. Fortunately, commercial surveillance systems are here to...Read More

Learning About The Types Of Surveillance Systems

If you’ve been considering a surveillance system for your Greenwood, MS property, you may find that there are many different products on the market today. Modern technology has improved surveillance system technology exponentially in recent...Read More

Is It Possible To Prevent Crime With Video Surveillance?

The short answer to the question, "Is it possible to prevent crime with video surveillance," is yes. While of course, the components cannot physically stop a burglar, thief, trespasser, or vandal, they can deter them from acting out. It is...Read More

4 Big Improvements In 15 Years Of Surveillance Camera Tech

High-tech fields like phones, computers, and software design are always advancing quickly.  15 years ago were exceptions rather than the rule, computers were much slower, and VR technology was still a mistake of the past rather than a wave of...Read More

Local Security Companies Can Offer More

Whether you’re just thinking of your home or your business life, it’s never a bad idea to considering investing in a security system. Choosing to install a security system on your Greenwood, MS property not only gives you a bit more...Read More

What Else Can Security Cameras Do?

One investment that can add more protection and peace of mind to your Greenwood, MS home or business is a security camera system. These cameras are great because, when they see things clearly, they are infallible witnesses that can help with...Read More

Whats The Difference Between Dome and Bullet Security Cameras?

If you have a business in Greenwood, MS, one of the things you always need to implement is good security. A good security system in place can mean the difference between crime prevention and easier investigation, or theft with no way to determine...Read More

Buying The Best Security Camera When You Want High Quality

Keeping your property in Greenwood, MS protected is important, and while local authorities can certainly help, taking additional steps is important. Basic camera systems are a great starting point, and to really get the most from your investment...Read More

Does Low Light Surveillance Really Work?

While today’s security cameras are more high tech, taking better quality footage than ever, they’re not always producing the same quality in all conditions. In low-light situations, for instance, your standard security camera may not...Read More

Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Security

Artificial intelligence still seems like a far off concept for most businesses in Greenwood, MS, but while true AI that has thoughts and feelings is still far beyond us, an AI capable of making decisions based on the information and guidelines...Read More

Should You Monitor Your Porch With A Security Camera?

Security cameras are for more than just recording things inside a business or a home. Of course, Greenwood proprietors and homeowners can benefit from having the surveillance equipment inside, but that is for another discussion. This post will talk...Read More

The Future Of Security Drones Robots And AI

Technology is developing across the security industry at a lightning fast pace. As a result, newer and more sophisticated security technologies are coming out every year. Some of the most advanced technologies are unmanned ground vehicles (UGV),...Read More

What Ways Can You Integrate A Security System?

A serious business security system is complex and uses several methods and many layers to protect the valuable property, information, and employees in your office, factory, storefront, complex, or other workplaces in Greenwood, MS.  These...Read More

City Security Trends From 2018

Like those in Greenwood, MS know, an increase in population, traffic, and activity will come with an increase of human-made risk. Metropolitan areas around Greenwood and all throughout the country are making major investments in enhancing the...Read More

Reasons To Buy A Hidden Security Camera

Sometimes, Greenwood, MS citizens want their security cameras to be big and noticeable. Why? They want to be sure that thieves, trespassers, and other criminals can see them. Heck, persons even hang signs up around the property saying that it is...Read More

How Biometrics And AI Will Advance Security

Security technology is expanding at a rapid pace. Two of the most important are biometrics and AI. Together, these technologies will increase the level of security features available for businesses around Greenwood, MS. However, as these are newer...Read More

Critical Features Of Effective Hospital Security

Though we often think of hospitals as places of safety and healing, sadly hospitals in Greenwood, MS are often the target of violence. Hospital leadership can work to reduce both the potential for violent incidents and the number of incidents that...Read More

The Benefits Of Outdoor Security Cameras And Things To Consider

When installing security cameras, it’s critical that you evaluate areas of vulnerability both inside and outside your Greenwood, MS home or business. Unfortunately, property owners tend to neglect outdoor cameras. Outdoor cameras are a vital...Read More

4 Ways To Protect Your Security Cameras

Security cameras are an important part of an integrated security system.  While they can’t prevent a crime from happening, they can deter potential criminals from acting by letting them know someone’s watching and they can record...Read More

Security Cameras Are An Impactful Method Of Theft Deterrent

Security Cameras Are An Impactful Method Of Theft Deterrent The prime function of security cameras, and the inspiration behind many investing in these camera systems is to capture evidence should a crime occur on their property. However, security...Read More

The Right Security System Makes All The Difference In The World

Helping Greenwood MS residents stay safe and secure has never been more critical than it is today. With things like the opioid epidemic, gun violence, and burglaries continually making the headlines, it is no wonder that people are fearful of...Read More

Is Security Worth The Loss To Privacy?

Security systems are the very best way to deter and catch criminals. However, sometimes security systems can feel like an invasion of privacy. A good security system will monitor people as they come and go around the clock. This monitoring can feel...Read More

How Do I Get The Best Deal On My Security System?

Getting the best deal on your security system has a lot to do with what you get out of it. First and foremost, you want your investment to provide you with peace of mind and a restful night. You want your security system to capture and monitor all...Read More

What Are The Advantages Of Digital Surveillance?

If one wishes to truly take advantage of all the technological advancements in security what they really want is digital surveillance in Greenwood, MS. Digital surveillance may make some think of monitoring computer use, but what it really consists...Read More

7 Benefits Of Choosing IP Cameras For Your Security System

If you are considering installing security cameras or upgrading your existing analog closed circuit system (CCTV) in Greenwood, MS, you may be wondering about Internet Protocol (IP) video cameras. IP video cameras are networked with an ethernet...Read More

Daycare Surveillance Offers Plenty Of Advantages

Daycare centers have become more and more popular over the years. After all, times have changed, and it is harder and harder for families to make it on a single income. Thus, both parents have to work, which means they need someone to look after the...Read More

A Guide For Buying A Security System

Security is an important component for any Greenwood, MS business. Retail businesses have obvious targets in the forms of the desirable products sold that could easily be resold on the black market. Banks are another high-value target since they...Read More

Avoiding Common Surveillance Mistakes

Surveillance only works if it works. Greenwood, MS home or business owners cannot expect to get the most out of their investment if they’re making common mistakes that render their surveillance footage useless. By avoiding common surveillance...Read More

How to Choose the Right Security Camera for Your Home or Business Security Monitoring

You wouldn't want to leave anything to chance when picking a security camera for your property in Greenwood, MS since any misjudgment can expose you to many security lapses. Now that intruders are perfecting the art of bypassing security cameras,...Read More

Protect Your Property Against Multiple Burglaries

Nothing is more disturbing to a business owner in Greenwood, MS as burglars who easily execute their theft plans on repeat occasions. Burglars can repeat their stealing escapades on a property only if they know the loopholes which a business owner...Read More

7 Things About Obtaining Admissible Video Surveillance Footage You Need to Know

Video surveillance systems have been used in the court of law for successful prosecution or dismissals in cases in Greenwood for many years. It is a vital tool for prosecutors and defense attorneys in Greenwood, MS alike, but not all video footage...Read More

Vandal Proofing Your Security Camera

Security camera systems in Greenwood, MS can do great justice in capturing crucial images that can be used to improve premise safety as well as restrain unauthorized persons from having entry to certain locations of a premise. However, for security...Read More

Correct and Incorrect Usage of Dummy Security Cameras

Most organizations in Greenwood, MS prefer cutting down expenses wherever it is possible, but cutting security budget is something everyone must avoid. Some companies use fake or dummy security camera in order to reduce cost, but it is not an...Read More

3 Uncommon Uses for Security Cameras

Of course security systems are installed to protect your home in Greenwood, MS, property, and family. But, on the lighter side of things, there are a number of alternative methods in which you can put security cameras to use, in a home or even in a...Read More

Misconceptions Commonly Linked With Low Light Surveillance

In some situations, normal security cameras in Greenwood, MS cannot capture a clear and sharp footage. For instance, a security camera that requires a well-lit environment cannot be effective when recording outside a building at night. In normal...Read More

How You Can Protect Your Security Camera Footage From Unauthorized Access

It is obvious that if you own security cameras in Greenwood, MS you wouldn't want them to be stolen, or damaged in any way. Incidences such as hackers assessing security camera footages and tampering with them are increasingly getting common...Read More

How to Protect Your Outdoor Security Cameras From Lightning

The popularity of CCTV ( Closed Circuit Television Systems ) and outdoor security cameras in Greenwood, MS is on a sporadic rise. This combination has proven to more effective in deterring petty theft, employee pilfering, vandalism or even burglary...Read More

Common Surveillance Mistakes That Can Make Security To Be Worthless

Security in Greenwood, MS is huge issue in any location that holds anything that is of significant value. Meanwhile, criminals are never giving up in their quest to find loopholes that can make surveillance systems vulnerable to security hacks and a...Read More

6 Advantages of Digital Surveillance

If you want to protect your building in Greenwood, MS, assets and employees, a digital video surveillance at your facility is a definite must-have. A digital video surveillance system consists of an appliance that enables embedded image capturing...Read More

How Live Interactive Video Surveillance Protects Your Property

Today's modern live interactive video surveillance has come a long way in Greenwood, MS. In the past, video camera security systems were only used to determine what was happening during the night. These analog systems were not too reliable, as...Read More

4 Simple Ways to Protect Your Home and Family

Keeping your home and family protected in Greenwood, MS has never been more challenging - or more important. Whether it is the burglar who robs your house while you are enjoying a great vacation or the mugger who decides to relieve you of your new...Read More

Use the Power of Technology to Protect Your Home and Family

Technology has changed the face of home protection in Greenwood MS forever. Thanks to advances in wireless technology, a homeowners can keep a watchful eye on their homes from virtually anywhere. They can even lock the doors if their kids forget to...Read More

The Peace Of Mind That Comes From Security Cameras At Home

By now, just about everyone in Greenwood, MS is used to the idea of seeing security cameras whenever they venture out in public. From sports arenas to government buildings, department stores to gas stations, it seems as though everything that an...Read More

Is It Worth Trading Privacy For Security?

There is no doubt that security cameras can be useful tools when it comes to preventing crimes in Greenwood, MS or catching guilty individuals after-the-fact. Unfortunately, a security system is not without some potential issues and drawbacks. First...Read More

The Best Places To Put A Security Camera

Even the best security camera system in the world will not be of any use whatsoever if the cameras are not installed in the proper place. Proper placement is so important, in fact, that it is something that an individual in Greenwood, MS should...Read More

Security Camera Basics

The simple truth is that we, as a society, are under almost constant surveillance anytime we step outside of the comfort of our own homes in Greenwood, MS. Whether we are fueling up at the local gas station or picking up a few groceries for supper,...Read More

Getting Started With A CCTV Security Camera System

If you are considering whether or not investing in a security camera system in Greenwood, MS is the right choice for your home or business, you may be interested in finding more information about the basics of a closed circuit television system, or...Read More

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